Saturday, 17 September 2016

Paid by MPA

Payment 1:
Payment 2:

Mypayingads has continued to chug along despite the hiccup when Paypal froze their funds.  Now they are surging and I can make consistently $5-10 a day which does wonders for my budget.  I strongly recommend those who are on a tight budget to use this platform to advertise their other businesses since you get rewarded to advertise.   It is essentially a win-win situation.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Update on MyPayingAds

Wow it has been a while since I last posted.  As you all may know, MPA had their funds frozen half a year ago by Paypal but now it has come back and is better than ever.  Here's proof that MPA kept to their word and properly credited the amount that I initially invested into the business.

All I had to send in a support ticket and in less than 72 hours, I got my money back.  I intend to use MPA has my main advertising platform for a business that I will start real soon that focuses on self-improvement.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Quarterlife crisis? Only if you think it is. Relationships and Money paradox

I'm at the stage in my life where most of my peers are actively job hunting or have already landed a job.
You know?  The good ol' life formula that most people seem to follow.
1)  Get a degree
2)  Go job hunting
3)  Get said job
4)  Marry someone
5)  Have kids?
6) Buy a House
7) Retire?

That formula seemed to have worked last for the previous generations but not so much for this generation.  At the very least, the previous generations could justify going through the oppressive schooling system and at least no saddle themselves up in debt but not so much today.

In my case, I have one semester remaining and just enjoying every single moment that I have left as a student.  In terms of relationships, I have found myself in a long distance relationship that won't be shortened any time soon.  You would think that I would be dreading this (which I am to an extent) but I am also treating it as the PAIN process which is something everyone needs in order to progress.  I recognize that I am in no shape to try to court the local girls.  After-all, there is a recent article published by VancityBuzz describing how my provinces' top universities are producing more and more "sugar daddies".  Economically speaking, this makes a lot of sense for many young couples.  It is not very realistic for an undergraduate to be dating a man who is not financially stable yet.  However, I don't think this is the proper way at approaching relationships.

Here's why.  A lot of my friends are still single and their rationale behind that is that they cannot provide for their girlfriends since the idea of financial stability is almost too fleeting in the city of Vancouver.  I think that is just an excuse for many people.  They base their confidence on external factors whether it's money, looks, status, etc so what will happen when these factors fail them?  That hill that most of us perceive in what seems to be impossible to climb, overwhelms us.  I was at this stage once before my first relationship.  I thought I had to be financially stable first in order for a girl to even look at me but I was fortunate to meet my girlfriend who is 100% compatible with me.  Our future is still uncertain but I think the PAIN period is worth overcoming for this relationship to last.  For now, the only thing I can do is make as many mistakes as possible so I can learn from them and build a core confidence that is unbreakable.  

Monday, 15 February 2016

We live in constant coercion

So I came across this interesting article that a friend posted on her newsfeed by Dr. Bruce Levine.  The article talks about how the way modern societies are built contributes to the rise of mental illness.  To be honest, I would not be too surprised if this was in-fact the case.  In an age where we must force ourselves to act in a way that society deems as normal can be repressing for many of us.  Even something as basic as a job interview requires us to a degree to "fake it until you make it". "Being yourself" definitely won't get you anywhere since we live and die by filtering everything we say.  Speaking of this "fakeness", check out GradeAUnderA's video on why job interviews are total bullshit.  Let's face it, the majority of us only apply for jobs because we need them to get money.  I think employers are totally delusional when they don't explicitly state the salary of the job.  What do they expect?  Especially in retail jobs where the employee turnover rate is so high because you're never truly valued in a retail job.

Anyways, back onto the topic.  Why are we, as a society, so obsessed about "efficiency"?  Does completing a task in such a short period of time benefit the evolution of our species in any way, shape, or form?  I mean, all of us only have 80-100 odd years on this planet.  Whether a big corporation's profits increase or decrease really does not concern us in the grand scheme of things. It seems that the main trigger that motivates us to work or go to school is out of fear.  Fear has it that if we don't go to school, we cannot get that piece of paper that may or may not guarantee our survival which is that job that we dread going to.  Of course what I'm saying does not apply to the entire population as there are also many who find meaning in their job but there are also lots of us who feel alienated from what we are doing, especially when there are those who work for unethical companies that only care about the bottomline....profits!  If society continues on with the path of coercion, then I'm afraid that there will be more cases of mental illnesses which spells a disaster for the future generations.

I found Dr. Levine's article intriguing because he reports that societies that have far less coercion are much more mentally stable.   In another article published by Dr. Levine called "Why Life in America Can Literally Drive you Insane", he states that the institutions that govern the American population contributes heavily to mental illness.  For example, a poll conducted in June 2013 revealed that 70% of Americans hate their jobs.  While it is true that life today may or may not be better than previous decades, one thing that holds true is that many of us expect that our lives should actually be improving based on the notion of progress and how we live in a country that has never been this wealthy before.  Unfortunately, we are trending the opposite direction as Dr. Levine bluntly puts it: "society has become increasingly alienating, isolating and insane, and earning a buck means more degrees, compliance, ass-kissing, shit-eating, and inauthentic".  This can explain why the most popular 2016 Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have a lot of support as they are anti-establishment.  Trump, in particular has widespread support because people are just sick of the politically correct climate that has plagued America.  I'm no Trump supporter but I can clearly see a lot of the people's frustration with politics and the support for Trump is simply a backlash against the system.

I'm greatly disturbed about how the use of antidepressants have increased nearly 400% in the last two decades as of 2011.  Are we just neglecting what it means to be human and substituting that with harmful drugs to keep us obedient?  That is some 1984 shit right there and I fear for the future generation if this continues to take a toll on our conditioning.

Dr. Levine sums up the issue surrounding the young people today:
"We are today disengaged from our jobs and our schooling.  Young people are pressured to accrue increasingly large student-loan debt so as to acquire the credentials to get a job, often one which they will have little enthusiasm about.  And increasing numbers of us are completely socially isolated, having nobody who cares about us".

Aforementioned, life may or may not be as bad today than it was yesterday.  However, one important variable that breaks the camel's back for this generation is the viability of getting a degree.  At least from before, if we played the game properly which was to go get a degree (even if it is not engaging) and then get a job, we would at least ensure that we could raise a family and justify that it was all worth it in the end.  Because being "responsible" is what being an adult is all about, right?

Not the case for this generation.  We are told once again to get a piece of paper except this time it would cost us an arm and a leg.  It's not so least we will get the job to pay back the debt we accrued.  Nope, that is not guaranteed either.  It is a rigged game I tell you.  Being in debt means that we must force ourselves to work for something we do not believe in as that is the only means of survival.  All of this while the giant, greedy corporations take away even more of what we have which is our dignity.

However it does not have to be this way forever.  The young generation will eventually take over when the old geezers die off so perhaps there is some hope of a paradigm shift within the next 50 years.



Friday, 12 February 2016

Crisis in Vancouver, the Great Brain Drain of the 21st Century

There has been quite a lot of controversy surrounding this article published on VancityBuzz by Grace Chen.  Just one day later, another article pertaining to Vancouver's housing affordability crisis surfaced on The Globe and Mail which can be found here.  Of course there are some responses such as "If you don't like it here then move!" which is an extremely narrow-minded way at looking at any type of issue.  After all, criticism is the only way to pave the way towards progress.  Another ridiculous response I found on the articles are: "You are just being self-entitled.  Work Harder.  You are just being lazy, etc" if that is the only issue that these articles are addressing (sarcasm).

Here is my take on this.  The affordability crisis we are now witnessing in Vancouver has a trickling down effect on society, most notably the middle-class.  One, it creates a massive divide between the haves and have-nots.  For example, those who have a lot of money choose to invest in Vancouver's housing market but could not care less about building a community here and thus ruining any sense of vibrancy and culture that this city will have if it were actually built from the ground up instead. A lack of Entry level jobs with a wage that matches the standard of living is something that this city simply does not have compared to other word class cities such as London, New York or San Francisco.  Two, for those who are living paycheck to paycheck, they do not have the luxury or time to enjoy the fine things that this city has to offer.  You know there is a problem when more than half their salary is being consumed just to pay for rent.  What about the small businesses in Vancouver?  We all know that they must pay a high rent so if the money is not flowing in due to the depletion of the middle-class, how will they stand up to the big boys like Starbucks which has 20 stores in just downtown alone.  Don't get me started on Wal-Mart which is set to expand its stores even more in the coming years and thus driving even more small businesses into the ground.

What does this all mean?  It means that there is no sense of purpose to stay here when your time and money could be spent more wisely elsewhere.  I don't know a single person who would just go through life by the motions working a shitty job and getting lectured that they're not working hard enough.  When the reality is that the commuting times have increased for the average citizen here due to the fact that so-called "affordable" housing can only be had in the burbs, you know that this would contribute to the general unhappiness of the population.      

So no, telling people to work harder does not solve this affordability crisis when the cost of homes jumped up yet another 25-30% from last year.  Name one job that enables your wage to jump up that much in one year.  You can't.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

11 Days until Japan

Well, there are only 11 days left until I return to Japan.  This time I will be there for two months and I can hardly wait.  I hope I can find what I am searching for over there as life back in Canada is simply too boring for someone my age.  I feel like I'm on an isolated city and I don't really want to settle down here.  My passive income will surely come soon enough.  I can already taste it.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Update on MPA and Paypal

It looks like Paypal wants nothing to do with Revshare programs anymore as they believe it is a "Getrichquickscheme".  That's a shame because this was never the true intention of the program.  Paypal has currently put a lock on the funds at MPA which is around 95% of it unfortunately. 

Here is Uday's update on Feb. 5th, 2016

Hope you had a productive week. With lot of regret we like to pass on the message that we have not been able to come to an agreeable PayPlan with PayPal (which can be reasonably profitable for our members) and hence we will not be having PayPal as a payment process supporting MPA any longer and our funds inside PayPal are frozen for 180 days.The reasons for PayPal not supporting MPA is because of some global policy changes within their organization in terms of supporting Advertising Revenue Sharing programs. They primarily view these businesses as “Get-rich quick scheme” after certain daily volume of the business and hence they see them high risk for their buyers. They especially see the businesses as riskier when they have rapid growth in shorter period of time. That is the reason for them departing ways with ad rev share programs after supporting for certain period of time.The revised terms given to us can only allow to run a simple Paid-To-Click website which has entirely different business model and may not bring the type of rewards that ad rev share program can offer. All our efforts to convince PayPal for some similar business models like the current one have not been successful.Therefore, we will not use PayPal at MPA any more. Our current funds inside PayPal are frozen for 180 days from 4th January 2016. During this time, I will not have access to those funds.Our business has grown with PayPal and our 95% funds are in PayPal and hence moving forward we have to take some major changes to our program so that we can run it longer and as profitable as before. We are committed to be in this industry and serving the members and advertisers of Ad Rev Share programs for long term. The business in this field is ever increasing and looking at the name and popularity that we accumulated in this field, we are fully committed to be continuing in this business for long term.Therefore, we will have some major changes in moving forward and below are certain pointers for the same:[1] We will continue the business with New PayPlan. The optional non-guaranteed revenue sharing will be up to 120% instead of up to 150% in our old PayPlans. The details of the new PayPlan will be provided as soon as possible with the tentative date of launch.[2] The members accounts will be re-adjusted to continue forward. The revenue sharing for all the current adpacks will be stopped and they will be made inactive in terms of receiving the revenue sharing. [3] Members who have withdrawn more than their deposited seed money will have to make a new beginning with zero balance in their accounts. [4] Members of payments processors of Payza, STP, PM and Bitcoin will have the initial account balance as the amount that they yet to receive to reach their deposited seed money (i.e. the difference between their deposited money and the total withdrawn money). This money can only be used to make new purchases in the new PayPlan and cannot be used for withdrawals at the launch time.[5] For PayPal members we will add the amount that they yet to receive to reach their deposited seed money to their accounts in the new PayPlan after 180 days so that they can use them to build their accounts. Members who cannot wait for 180 days will need to claim the money from PayPal (subjected to their decision) as the money is fozen with PayPal for 180 days and MPA don’t have the access to it. Hence, the PayPal members have to use fresh deposits to make any purchases in the new PayPlan. We urge the members to put a clause to accept the partial refunds, if they are disputing, so that PayPal can make a suitable judgement regarding the case. [6] We will continue to deliver the advertising views as per the Surf Banner Credits that you have or that you will be using. Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue the optional and non-guaranteed revenue sharing for the older adpacks because of the disruption to the business due to the discontinuity of PayPal and the frozen funds inside the same. This has serious consequence on the revenue generation and the company funds and hence the revenue sharing for the older packs is discontinued. [7] We sincerely apologise for all the inconvenience and any monetary losses that may have caused to you and as you all can agree such unexpected losses in this business cannot be avoided some times and Ups and Downs are common. Our thoughts are with every one of you who have experienced the possible loss of time, energy and any monetary losses. We tried our best to avoid such things to happen but we failed. We learned the lesson and will be more efficient in future. Hopefully, we provide a good environment to earn back the losses that may have occurred.[8] We will continue the new PayPlan with Payza, STP, PM and Bitcoin. We are currently working on the other payment processors and the details will be passed soon once they are ready. Any payment processor will be seriously considered which does not hold our money so that we will not experience any such disruption in the future. The payment processors we are considering have multiple options of funding (through credit cards, bank wire etc) and multiple withdrawal options including customized debit cards.We will also be posting a video elaborating the above facts in 1-2 hrs from now while you go through this announcement. Thanks.Regards,Admin, MPA
The review process has gone on for well over a month and I was optimistic that Paypal would work out a compromise.  Now they look like the bad guys since they have held the funds hostage.  For those of you who want to join Revshare programs, please avoid the ones that accept Paypal as this will be a huge redflag moving forward.  I apologize to the people who signed up under me.  I will actively look out for better opportunities out there and will tell you guys once I find it.  Cheers!