Friday, 5 February 2016

Update on MPA and Paypal

It looks like Paypal wants nothing to do with Revshare programs anymore as they believe it is a "Getrichquickscheme".  That's a shame because this was never the true intention of the program.  Paypal has currently put a lock on the funds at MPA which is around 95% of it unfortunately. 

Here is Uday's update on Feb. 5th, 2016

Hope you had a productive week. With lot of regret we like to pass on the message that we have not been able to come to an agreeable PayPlan with PayPal (which can be reasonably profitable for our members) and hence we will not be having PayPal as a payment process supporting MPA any longer and our funds inside PayPal are frozen for 180 days.The reasons for PayPal not supporting MPA is because of some global policy changes within their organization in terms of supporting Advertising Revenue Sharing programs. They primarily view these businesses as “Get-rich quick scheme” after certain daily volume of the business and hence they see them high risk for their buyers. They especially see the businesses as riskier when they have rapid growth in shorter period of time. That is the reason for them departing ways with ad rev share programs after supporting for certain period of time.The revised terms given to us can only allow to run a simple Paid-To-Click website which has entirely different business model and may not bring the type of rewards that ad rev share program can offer. All our efforts to convince PayPal for some similar business models like the current one have not been successful.Therefore, we will not use PayPal at MPA any more. Our current funds inside PayPal are frozen for 180 days from 4th January 2016. During this time, I will not have access to those funds.Our business has grown with PayPal and our 95% funds are in PayPal and hence moving forward we have to take some major changes to our program so that we can run it longer and as profitable as before. We are committed to be in this industry and serving the members and advertisers of Ad Rev Share programs for long term. The business in this field is ever increasing and looking at the name and popularity that we accumulated in this field, we are fully committed to be continuing in this business for long term.Therefore, we will have some major changes in moving forward and below are certain pointers for the same:[1] We will continue the business with New PayPlan. The optional non-guaranteed revenue sharing will be up to 120% instead of up to 150% in our old PayPlans. The details of the new PayPlan will be provided as soon as possible with the tentative date of launch.[2] The members accounts will be re-adjusted to continue forward. The revenue sharing for all the current adpacks will be stopped and they will be made inactive in terms of receiving the revenue sharing. [3] Members who have withdrawn more than their deposited seed money will have to make a new beginning with zero balance in their accounts. [4] Members of payments processors of Payza, STP, PM and Bitcoin will have the initial account balance as the amount that they yet to receive to reach their deposited seed money (i.e. the difference between their deposited money and the total withdrawn money). This money can only be used to make new purchases in the new PayPlan and cannot be used for withdrawals at the launch time.[5] For PayPal members we will add the amount that they yet to receive to reach their deposited seed money to their accounts in the new PayPlan after 180 days so that they can use them to build their accounts. Members who cannot wait for 180 days will need to claim the money from PayPal (subjected to their decision) as the money is fozen with PayPal for 180 days and MPA don’t have the access to it. Hence, the PayPal members have to use fresh deposits to make any purchases in the new PayPlan. We urge the members to put a clause to accept the partial refunds, if they are disputing, so that PayPal can make a suitable judgement regarding the case. [6] We will continue to deliver the advertising views as per the Surf Banner Credits that you have or that you will be using. Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue the optional and non-guaranteed revenue sharing for the older adpacks because of the disruption to the business due to the discontinuity of PayPal and the frozen funds inside the same. This has serious consequence on the revenue generation and the company funds and hence the revenue sharing for the older packs is discontinued. [7] We sincerely apologise for all the inconvenience and any monetary losses that may have caused to you and as you all can agree such unexpected losses in this business cannot be avoided some times and Ups and Downs are common. Our thoughts are with every one of you who have experienced the possible loss of time, energy and any monetary losses. We tried our best to avoid such things to happen but we failed. We learned the lesson and will be more efficient in future. Hopefully, we provide a good environment to earn back the losses that may have occurred.[8] We will continue the new PayPlan with Payza, STP, PM and Bitcoin. We are currently working on the other payment processors and the details will be passed soon once they are ready. Any payment processor will be seriously considered which does not hold our money so that we will not experience any such disruption in the future. The payment processors we are considering have multiple options of funding (through credit cards, bank wire etc) and multiple withdrawal options including customized debit cards.We will also be posting a video elaborating the above facts in 1-2 hrs from now while you go through this announcement. Thanks.Regards,Admin, MPA
The review process has gone on for well over a month and I was optimistic that Paypal would work out a compromise.  Now they look like the bad guys since they have held the funds hostage.  For those of you who want to join Revshare programs, please avoid the ones that accept Paypal as this will be a huge redflag moving forward.  I apologize to the people who signed up under me.  I will actively look out for better opportunities out there and will tell you guys once I find it.  Cheers!

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