Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Expired Shares in MPA? No Problem

Just two days ago, my packs in Adpack plan 1 were at 200 (MAX) and I had 108 in Plan 2.  However, just yesterday and now today, my packs in plan 1 started expiring.  These packs are all expiring because I bought them in bulk just 32 days ago which is the average time that it takes for a adplan to fully mature.



This is a good thing.  Why?  It means that the pack has already earned back 120% in just over a month.  What do you do next?  Replenish your expired ads in Plan one right away because it only costs $1 to replace one pack.  You will be earning faster as a result without having to wait to buy adpacks from the higher levels.  Hope that helps.

Dec. 7, 2015 UPDATE:
I got to say that I'm impressed with these numbers, especially when I didn't add a single dollar out of my wallet since I initially put in $200 into MPA.  In just 1 week I was able to replenish 78 shares in Adpack Plan 1 and my earnings are increasing in the process.  Just today I got $14 so it will probably take a max of 1 more week to replace all my expired shares in Plan 1.  Long live MPA!

Dec.11, 2015 UPDATE

Wow, I replenished all my shares from Adpack Plan 1 already.  I originally thought that it would take until the 14th to finish.  I also added 2 more shares in plan 2 so I am making really good progress in the program.

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