Wednesday, 2 December 2015

HONEST REVIEW: Paidverts is Confirmed Scam

Unlike Mypayingads (MPA), Paidverts is looking more and more to be a scam with each passing day.  How much you earn on the site depends on how much BAP you have.

I'm currently at 8748 BAP right now which puts my in BAP Group 1.  It only got this high because they performed a debt swap back in the beginning of November which converted what I had earned ($2.55) into BAP.  I said, fine, as long as I get some high paying ads per day then everything should be fine.  Like this:

However, it's been almost three weeks now and my earnings have been extremely pitiful and the amount of available ads is pitiful.  Take a look:

I only get a couple of these ads (if I'm lucky) per day and it just ain't worth my time anymore.  By the time I earn back the money that was converted tp BAP during the debt swap, it will probably be months and then they will go through the same thing again.  Guys, stay far far away from this site.  I was lucky to put off my decision of putting money into this site back in October when I first heard about it.  People said that you earn quite handsomely if you dump a lot of money into it but the reality is that you may not even get the ads needed to make they money.  Also, they require you to pay for an ad filter that filters out the $0.0005 ads from coming to you.  Imagine if you put in thousands on this site only to get those measly ads.  It would only waste your time.  

On a more positive note, I do like how this site requires its users to view the ads.  Take a look:
This format is much better than MPA when it comes to viewing ads because it actually requires the user to type in what the advertisement is going to be about.  In MPA, the user just clicks on the ad (10 per day) and could very well ignore it because their attention is not required.  In this regard, if you have a business that you want to promote and you do not need to earn any money from it then go give Paidverts a try.  If your goal is just to make money without promoting any of your sites then forget about this site and move on to the bigger players like MPA or even Traffic Monsoon.  Until next time folks!


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